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Both sides of the Atlantic are seeing prices on many essential day to day items go through the roof. Recession is a word that is prominent in the media as well as the question about fuel prices not dropping as fast as they rise. The pound/dollar exchange rate definitely favours a visit from America to the UK or elsewhere in Europe. 

It was with great surprise then when searching for the best value accommodation for my forth coming Texas/Oklahoma trip how much choice there was. The cost of the flight and car was way up on the three years that I haven’t travelled but hotel costs were pretty much around the same.

I booked 9 nights with my preference of being outside of the city centre’s but near enough to either take public transport or drive and park to see the main attractions in each. All hotels have breakfast included and free WiFi. 

The itinerary has come together now and will be as follows:

  • Waco 1 night
  • Dallas Airport North 2 nights
  • Oklahoma City 2 nights
  • Plano (Dallas vicinity)
  • Austin 3 nights

The cost was below £300 each (splitting it with my daughter) and all has been prepaid thus taking advantage of an even further cheaper rate. The only downside is that we can’t change anything now without incurring the loss of the room but fingers are crossed that that won’t happen.

I have been astonished about the cost of public transport in Dallas, Oklahoma and Austin. The cost for a day’s unlimited travel in London is £14 which equates to $16.90 (bank exchange rate not tourist rate)

Dallas Dart $6Oklahoma City Dart $3Austin Capmetro $3 bus Metrorail $7

Now what will make the excitement mount will be seeing the pound start to improve against the dollar in the next few weeks. I will be keeping a keen eye on it.


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