New England – Portland Head Light

After failing miserably to get up close to a lighthouse north of Brunswick in the Ship City of Bath, the nearest was seeing the lighthouse across the bay at 5 Islands and back of the little Doubling Point lighthouse opposite the ship yards in Bath, I put all my efforts in heading south of Portland.

Hendricks Head Lighthouse
Hendricks Head Lighthouse opposite Five Islands, ME

I could of course taken a harbour cruise and seen them all in the immediate vicinity but decided I didn’t have the time. I drove south from Freeport, ME towards Portland which is the biggest city in Maine. It seemed very small but there were plenty of tidy rows of houses and parks. Continuing south to Cape Elizabeth I entered Fort Williams Park. It was early and there were plenty of places to park. There is a dedicated lighthouse parking area. A very short stroll towards the lighthouse and the coastline opens up in front of you.

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What a beautiful coastline and so scenic. The lighthouse is magnificent and the rock formations that it guards curiously look like old wood but is fact the result of the environmental conditions weathering the stone.

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The coastline was so scenic and there was another lighthouse in the distance perched on a little island. I found out later that this is Ram Island. The waves crashing against the rocks reminded you that this glorious area protected shipping from disaster.

Longfellow was inspired to write his poem ‘The Lighthouse’ after striking up a friendship with the light house keepers. It is really was worth the effort in searching for these old but important icons of coastal America.

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