Hairy Bikers – Route 66

I discovered that the BBC are showing a delightful travel come cookery series called

 Hairy Bikers Route 66

I am the first to admit that cookery programmes leave me cold but it was the Route 66 aspect that attracted me to watch. It is the joy of the open road with Dave Myers and Si King on their Harley’s travelling across the 9 states from Chicago Illinois to Santa Monica that is so appealing.

Hairy Bikers Route 66

The two cooks who just have a love of good food visit diners along their route and tuck into ginormous T-bone steaks, authentic onion burgers and meat free restaurants. It is the strange and random locations where they cook and create really great looking meals influenced by their journey. See more about who the Hairy Bikers here.

In Oklahoma by the Milk Bottle Grocery they start cooking a Vietnamese beef pho outside on what looks like a busy intersection with the statues of an American soldier side by side a Vietnamese soldier. It looked so random and then they move on. What happens to all the food?

An organic sweet potato farm that they visit also in Oklahoma after helping plant seedlings into furrows they use the farmer’s kitchen to make a delicious looking sweet potato brownie. After decorating it by drizzling white and dark chocolate over it and slicing into squares they then get on their bikes and leave. Who is eating all this food?

Obviously if you are in the UK this is on BBC2 Thursday evenings and no doubt will be on BBC America.

Milk Bottle Grocery – OK

For more about itinerary suggestions visit the NPS (National Park Service) on Route 66

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