Texas & Oklahoma Road Trip Day 6 – Oklahoma – Plano, TX

A journey of 210 miles and around three hours southbound on our new friend, the I-35 was today’s challenge. The scenery was red soil, nodding donkeys pumping oil and water towers marking each town. These water towers are proudly liveried with each town’s name and some mark their achievements and famous residents. They are visible for as far as the eye can see and are the highest points on the horizon.

Today was a travel day and we arrived in Plano, a town north of Dallas that had the widest roads that we had ever seen. Most main roads were at least 4 lanes wide in residential areas. A great range of stores and high end outdoor plazas to choose from. I doubt you can visit without wheels very easily.

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We ate at Chili’s who still offer a great deal on a drink, starter and main for $11.99 per person. Unlimited chips and a choice of three dips, unlimited soft drink with chicken tenders was really great value. We were given chips to go and they gave us a refill on the drink to go as well.

We entered the mall called the shops at Willow Bend through Dillards. The mall closed at 21.00 so we were taken aback when trying to exit the way we came in to find that Dillards closed at 20.00. We decided to follow other shoppers and walked through the covered car park and walked around the external car park for about 15 minutes before getting to the correct part of Dillards that we entered through.

Plano is a great location to be for visiting Dallas and is on the DART system. We stayed in a Fairfield Inn which was a step up in comfort except for the fact the AC wasn’t operating properly and actually wasn’t cooling the room. It had been in the 90’s all day so we suffered quite an uncomfortable night despite the efforts of the maintenance man.

Day 7 was going to be our longest drive and Plano was a success considering it was booked as a break in the journey from Oklahoma to Austin.

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