American Sports – Go See It!

You all know which sports are exclusively American I assume. I speak of Baseball, American Gridiron Football, Basketball and Lacrosse. The latter I can’t speak about but I suspect it is an amateur sports. The others are in the life blood of American society. Those cities that don’t have a AFL or NFL team are graced with a college or state team. The stadia built … Continue reading American Sports – Go See It!

Florida or just Orlando

Outside of Europe namely France and Spain which are the still the most popular destinations for the UK market the next most popular is Florida. Visitors flock to the centre of Florida to make homage to the multiple theme parks and associated tourist attractions that have been set up to capture this constant flow of visitors. Personally I must have visited the area over a … Continue reading Florida or just Orlando

It is on the way up!! About time

This is short but sweet and I hope sweeter in the days to come. The Pound is over 1.42 to the US Dollar Check the exchange rate here BBC Currency I might start planning my next visit how about you? There was something on the news today that tourism numbers are down to America maybe this will get reflected in hotel rates…..fingers crossed! 10 February … Continue reading It is on the way up!! About time

Now is a great time to get your trip booked

The airlines are on sale. So what are you waiting for? Choose your destination and take advantage of reduced prices on airline seats. It doesn’t matter that you haven’t got your hotel or car booked because once your flights are booked you can take your time and research all your options. One thing you shouldn’t do because it will drive you potty is keep looking … Continue reading Now is a great time to get your trip booked

Where will your next trip be to?

I started a new job recently having been made redundant from my previous role after 10 years, take a month, literally. I was lucky enough to get a role with an online cruise travel agency in Wimbledon. They sell thousands of cruises and are multiple award winners in their field. They sell the second most volume of cruises in the UK behind Thomas Cook who … Continue reading Where will your next trip be to?

Max’s Must Travel Items

You might have noticed that ‘it is the season!’ and madness is all around us. I came up with a novel idea the other day to get away from clandestine phone calls and whispers between us all……set a budget that each of you wants to spend and then if it is equal just keep it and on the big day to get away from disappointment … Continue reading Max’s Must Travel Items

Max’s Top 10 Reasons Why America!

I often get asked why do I like visiting America so often. My colleagues tease me about there being a whole side of the world that I am missing out on. Do you know I don’t mentally regard going on holiday unless I am travelling West. I only ever have the map of North America in my mind when trips are mentioned. The question is … Continue reading Max’s Top 10 Reasons Why America!