USA Road Trips by Max

After visiting the United States of America on over 50 different occasions it has emerged that visiting all the States has become an obsession of mine. At the last count I have been to 45 of them (46 including DC – I know it isn’t technically a state). My theory is if I have passed the sign that says ‘Welcome to….’ then I have been to the State. I have started this blog to share my suggestions, tips and ideas to put together your own trips independently of a travel agent or tour operator. Who knows,  I might be able to help you design your own experiences when and where you visit the United States of America.


Map of American States visited so far

Red – Spent hotel nights

Blue – Visited but not stayed

Grey – Still to visit

The objective now is that I have to plan and create a road trip for these 5 yet to visit states: Hawaii, Utah, New Mexico, North Dakota and Nebraska.

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