Nationals in World Series for the First Time

So excited to see that the Washington Nationals have reached their first World Series. This is baseball by the way! They will play Houston Astros in the 2019 World Series with the first match at Houston on 22 October 2019 in a first to four games in the seven match contest. I saw the Nationals play a few years ago at Nationals Park in Washington … Continue reading Nationals in World Series for the First Time

Ban Frequent Flyer Programmes – Save the Planet

A report by Imperial College London commissioned by the Committee on Climate Change is recommending that Frequent Flyer Schemes are banned. This is to prevent excessive and un-necessary flights and the emissions that these produce. It also recommends that a levy that escalates by the distance flown to target the 15% of the population that take 70% of all flights. What do you think?   … Continue reading Ban Frequent Flyer Programmes – Save the Planet

Gateway Arch, St Louis MS

Built as a monument to the Western Expansion of the 19th century and symbolises the ‘Gateway to the West’, the Gateway Arch in St Louis is one of the most recognisable symbols of America. Standing at 630ft tall it is not only the tallest arch in the world but the tallest monument in the United States. Designed by American-Finnish architect Eero Saarinen it was officially … Continue reading Gateway Arch, St Louis MS

Presidential Libraries

Franklin D Roosevelt made a deal with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in 1939 and asked them to take control, at the end of his term of office of his personal and presidential papers because he thought that it was important to American history. He also donated a substantial portion of his private estate, Hyde Park in New York to the Government as well. … Continue reading Presidential Libraries

American Dream – NJ

This is exciting news and should be a ‘slam dunk’ for the European market looking for a new weekend experience. From the same company that brought the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota and the West Edmonton Mall, Canada is the long awaited American Dream. Due to open 25 October and located in the New Jersey Meadowlands in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Located across from … Continue reading American Dream – NJ

Check the latest dollar exchange rate

Click here for the Dollar Exchange Rate provided by Universal Currency Converter If you are planning a visit to America your spending money is going to be directly affected by the exchange rate. This will be the inter-bank rate not the tourist rate which will be a few cents less per pound. Personally I won’t be planning a visit anytime soon because I want to find some … Continue reading Check the latest dollar exchange rate