State Symbols & Nicknames

If you didn’t know every State has it’s own State Flag. These are often flown side by side or just below the Stars & Stripes, but did you know that each state has it’s own flower, animal and some have official songs and sports. Here are some of the strangest choices that I have come across Maryland – State Sport is Jousting Apparently Jousting festivals … Continue reading State Symbols & Nicknames

America’s Airports – IATA codes and more

Not all of the travelling public knows that every airport has a three letter code designated by IATA (International Air Transport Association). Some are easily memorable and others make no sense at all. One of the things that has always aided me in my job is to know the IATA codes for the regions that I am responsible for. There are some interesting facts behind … Continue reading America’s Airports – IATA codes and more

Brand USA – America’s Musical Journey

I had an invitation to….. Location: Science Museum, Kensington, London Event: London Premiere of America’s Musical Journey featuring Aloe Blacc Date: 09 October Discover Americas Musical Journey An extraordinary venue in the Science Museum with a pre movie reception in and around the Aviation exhibit. About 400 press and travel trade members attended. The movie is only 40 minutes but is beautifully presented in 3D … Continue reading Brand USA – America’s Musical Journey

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Info: Cost to enter for the day is approximately £50 per person for the base entry but there are plenty of add ons to pre purchase on different tickets. Travel time is around 90 minutes from Orlando area and is easily combined with an evening in Cocoa Beach. After a dozen visits to the Sunshine State we split into two parties. One drove us across … Continue reading Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Walt Disney World Florida

Recently we visited Disney Springs, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and The Magic Kingdom. We were lucky with the weather and although armed with Niagara Falls Ponchos they weren’t required. For a UK visitor beginning of September proved to be a good time to visit. The schools are back so the parks were quieter and mostly adults with small children were the guests. We actually got on … Continue reading Walt Disney World Florida