American Sports – Go See It!

You all know which sports are exclusively American I assume. I speak of Baseball, American Gridiron Football, Basketball and Lacrosse. The latter I can’t speak about but I suspect it is an amateur sports. The others are in the life blood of American society. Those cities that don’t have a AFL or NFL team are graced with a college or state team. The stadia built … Continue reading American Sports – Go See It!

Florida or just Orlando

Outside of Europe namely France and Spain which are the still the most popular destinations for the UK market the next most popular is Florida. Visitors flock to the centre of Florida to make homage to the multiple theme parks and associated tourist attractions that have been set up to capture this constant flow of visitors. Personally I must have visited the area over a … Continue reading Florida or just Orlando

Tax Free States

Here in the UK the price you see on the bill or price tag is the price you pay. Unless it is a service such as car repair or building where 20% VAT is added. So one of the most frustrating things for a UK visitor to America is going to the till with your $9.99 item and not knowing what the total bill be … Continue reading Tax Free States