Route 66 – Manage your Expectations

Get your kicks on Route 66 – you have all heard the song and romance of the open road. Discovering Route 66 is on many a folk’s bucket list. One of the most visited pages on this website is Route 66 – 2448 miles from Chicago to Santa Monica Pier which is an overview and history of this nostalgic road trip. But is it going … Continue reading Route 66 – Manage your Expectations

Day 5 – Oklahoma City & Route 66 (part 2)

After a discussion on what order of play we tackled today we headed downtown to an area of Oklahoma City called ‘Bricktown’. This area is built around the Bricktown Canal that was renovated in 1999. There is free parking at Bass Pro at one end of the area as well as many paid parking lots. The pathways lead to the canal meandering through the renovated … Continue reading Day 5 – Oklahoma City & Route 66 (part 2)

Day 4 – Oklahoma City & Route 66

The excitement was building today as we left shortly after breakfast and headed the nearly 200 miles to Oklahoma City along I-35. The border between Texas and Oklahoma was about an hour’s journey and it came upon us very quickly. My daughter had fallen asleep in the passenger seat and I shouted ‘Oklahoma’ as I saw the ‘Welcome to Oklahoma’ sign but not in time … Continue reading Day 4 – Oklahoma City & Route 66

Planning in Progress – Accommodation

Both sides of the Atlantic are seeing prices on many essential day to day items go through the roof. Recession is a word that is prominent in the media as well as the question about fuel prices not dropping as fast as they rise. The pound/dollar exchange rate definitely favours a visit from America to the UK or elsewhere in Europe.  It was with great … Continue reading Planning in Progress – Accommodation

Route 66 – OK (46th) will be my 45th

The long wait is over, well almost. In October I fly into Austin and collect my car for a 9 night road trip. Tip: It was better value to include the car with the flight than separately. First night will be in Waco followed by two nights in Dallas. In Dallas I am going to make use of the hotel’s airport shuttle and take the … Continue reading Route 66 – OK (46th) will be my 45th