Brand USA – Norwegian Airlines: New York and Boston 19 Aug – 23 Aug 19

Sometimes working in travel has it’s perks and I am fortunate to be going a funded visit to New York and Boston at the invitation of Brand USA and Norwegian Airlines. It is a small group of 6 tour operators and travel agents from all over the UK and Ireland. So I am super excited that I am embarking on a  whirlwind 4 night whistle stop tour … Continue reading Brand USA – Norwegian Airlines: New York and Boston 19 Aug – 23 Aug 19

Collections from 44 States

There have been three things that have been a constant wherever we have visited America over the last thirty years. More of an obsession since 1996 to be honest. I wouldn’t consider myself obsessive but it became apparent that we seemed to come home with one, two or three things from each visit. Fridge Magnets – I have some from our first visit to California … Continue reading Collections from 44 States


What is happening? The pound continues its capitulation and surrendering its value to the Dollar. The reason today is that too many of us in the UK were watching the World Cup and didn’t go shopping which kept inflation in check. This resulted in the rumours that interest rates weren’t going to raise until later in the year. Our Florida holiday in September is going … Continue reading >£££-$$$!!!

Kancamagus Highway New Hampshire

I keep meaning to add a paragraph about this short but un-missable road through some of the most forested hillsides in New Hampshire. Known locally as ‘The Kanc’ this single lane highway runs 34.5 miles on Route 112 in Northern New Hampshire between Conway and Lincoln. It has been designated a scenic byway for its beauty and history. The route cuts a path through the … Continue reading Kancamagus Highway New Hampshire