Grouse Mountain – Vancouver

A free shuttle leaves every 15 minutes from Canada Place to Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver. Rising to 1,250 meters and only 20 minutes from Downtown Vancouver, Grouse Mountain is Vancouver’s playground. It offers the nearest skiing to the city and in the summer you can hike, zipline, tackle ropes etc. Take the Skyride to the top from the ticket booths. Grouse Mountain is part … Continue reading Grouse Mountain – Vancouver

Capilano Suspension Bridge Vancouver

My decision to visit both Capilano Suspension Bridge and Grouse Mountain was made much easier with the lure of a free shuttle between Vancouver Canada Place and the attractions. Using modern and highly liveried vehicles they were easy to identify and board. You don’t need to have purchased a ticket in advance which was also good and both were equipped with lines to the ticket … Continue reading Capilano Suspension Bridge Vancouver

Whistler, British Columbia. Canada Highway 99

Ninety miles along the Howe Sound from Vancouver, through the dense pine forest s should go down as ‘must do road’. Following Canada Highway 99 was stunning. The day was ‘Canada Day’ which to an American means that their birthday’s nation is only three days away! Now I am not a skier, mountain biker or any other downhill activity but Whistler is a sophisticated and … Continue reading Whistler, British Columbia. Canada Highway 99

Heathrow T2

On my way to Vancouver and disappointed to find no Pret at Heathrow Terminal 2. Just an EAT that needs to learn from its new masters. The queue for coffee was insane and if I hadn’t moaned my hot food would have been cold by the time my ticket number 655 had its matching coffee. The manager sorted it rather than give a refund that … Continue reading Heathrow T2