Squamish – Sea to the Sky Gondola

On the road back from Whistler is Squamish and Shannon Falls. Both are on the wrong side of the road and the GPS insisted that I do a U-turn. I pulled into the Shannon Falls car park and lined up waiting for an available space with the intention of walking to Gondola. After about 10 minutes I gave up and turned right and headed back towards Squamish. I turned into the Gondola parking where there was plenty of spaces. I was facing backwards in the Gondola so saw the azure blue water of Howe Sound appearing before me as we climbed higher and higher. I was surprised how high the Gondola rose towards its sky station. The fir tree forest was dense underneath us was beautiful. There were many hikers either walking the trails down or climbing to the top to take the Gondola down.

At the top was a choice of refreshments with views of the sound below. There was also bbq stands and ice-cream stalls.

One of the big attractions is the Sky Pilot suspension bridge that offers the most spectacular views of the land below.

It runs for about 100m and it does sway slightly. Well just enough that you have to be sure footed. You can just do it one way if you find it too stressful. There are well sign posted trails at the other side that are interpretive and explain about the impact of man on nature.

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Pictures to follow

When I got back down I asked in the information centre how to get to Shannon Falls. I was surprised when the ranger actually stepped out of the building to point the way out to me. It was a reasonably flat walk through the forest along a trail for about 12 minutes. The trail opened out to other paths but it was well signposted and you can hear the water falling before you see it.

Shannon Falls are British Columbia’s third highest at about 1,105 feet. The water originates from Mount Sky Pilot – see above for Sky Pilot suspension bridge – and Mount Habrich. The falls are tall and narrow and splash into a slow flowing river below. The area is very popular with hikers and picnicers alike.

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TIP: Park in the Gondola car park and walk along the trail to see the falls. The car park at the falls is very limited.