Texas & Oklahoma Road Trip Day 10 – Austin to UK

There was no reason to rush today because of the mistake I made in hotels nights I had already paid for the room tonight so the last minute panic about how much booty we had amassed and would be under the weight limit could be tackled later in the day.

The big skies and far horizons on our road trip demonstrates how flat it actually is so today we headed to the highest peak in Austin. Standing at a staggering 775ft above sea level Mount Bonnell is reached through a district with some amazing homes nestled in woodland. This limestone height is reached by climbing 102 stone steps. Some of the lower steps are quite steep and it certainly gets your heart pounding by the time you get to the top.

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The views of Austin in the distance and the Colorado River below are staggering. It was so peaceful up there but walk either way for clearer views away from the fenced area.

One last visit to Walmart to stock up on toiletries not available in size or quality in the UK and we returned to our room to shower and then weigh the luggage.

We split our items across three bags and pretty much they all came in at 19kg which we deemed a success.

The GPS only seemed to recognise the South Terminal at Austin airport and took us 7 miles out of our way. The Main Terminal was completely in the opposite direction and we had just filled up the car for the last time as we had to return it full. A little of tension in case we were charged for additional fuel on return but they didn’t even check.

After security screening the departure area is busy and there are plenty of retail and coffee choices but it is very expensive in there. I would choose Austin again because of the simplicity of going through Homeland Security.

So in conclusion we drove 1400 miles, visited two states, explored five cities and some of Route 66. It was a fabulous holiday and yes ‘Everything is BIGGER in TEXAS’!

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