About Max

I have been a regular visitor to the United States of America since 1969 aged 7. We flew Pan-Am into JFK and later on to Chicago and Toronto. My Mum was evacuated to Chicago during the second World War to where her family was safe from the danger and uncertainty of the UK.

I suspect this is where the obsession started and has never gone away. So embracing modern technology I am going to fumble through my blog and who knows I might influence your decisions about visiting America my way.

I am 57 now and have 20 years in the travel industry but I have always made my holidays unique and very individual to me and my family.


Max at the Pentagon. Be organised and book ahead this free tour of the largest low level office in the world.

By sharing my ideas and experiences I could help you put together your ideal visit to America. I have always done my own research and comparisons and come to some very personal conclusions about travelling to the USA.

So the idea of this blog is to share my favourite places and experiences and offer tips and suggestions. America is one of the most popular destinations for Britons but there is so much more to discover other than Central Orlando.

I will break up the experiences with facts and tips so you only need to find something that interests you.

There are many blogs out there so if you are reading this ….thank you for finding my site!