Kancamagus Highway – New Hampshire

I keep meaning to add a paragraph about this short but un-missable road through some of the most forested hillsides in New Hampshire. Known locally as ‘The Kanc’ this single lane highway runs 34.5 miles on Route 112 in Northern New Hampshire between Conway and Lincoln. It has been designated a scenic byway for its beauty and history. The route cuts a path through the White Mountain National Forest with a stopping points for breath-taking views of the White Mountains. There are no restaurants, petrol stations or hotels along its route, just the Swift River running alongside you most of the way.

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There are places to pull into and park for recreational pursuits in the river as well as waterfalls to discover. Reaching an elevation of 3,000ft at its highest point at the Kancamagus Pass at Mt. Kancamagus near Lincoln.

The mountain sides are a carpet of trees and even though I visited in May you can imagine the colours in the full glory of the fall. No wonder this byway is on most motor coach routes during the Autumn months.

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The scenery is just as stunning in the early Summer if not as colourful, unless your favourite colour is green. Oh, beware of Moose! There are plenty of warning signs to slow down, this will preserve both the Moose and the driver if heeded well.