Fly Over Canada

Located on Canada Place on the top level between the cruise ships that are in to start their Alaska cruise the lines were well managed. I had a reservation for 16.30 and joined the line but as Holland America’s Nieuw Amsterdam sounded her horn to signal her departure this provided enough entertainment to distract from the fact it was nearly 16.45 before the line started moving towards the entrance.

Once inside there is a waiting area with a short film on a continuous screen about Canada life. The group is then moved along and rows are allocated to everyone and that then is led off in turn to your seats. All these attractions aspire to be as Disney as Disney is and yet they all fall short of the mark.

The seats are equipped with seat belts and storage for loose belongings. If your head doesn’t reach a mark on the seat then the seat belt has to be looped through a middle strap. I only just made the mark and my feet dangled at least 18 inches off the floor.

The ‘Fly Over Canada’ is a simulation of a flight over the vast country of Canada with twists and turns and rushing over mountain edges and feeling like you are falling and then rising to climb over a snowy peak. There are aromas and water sprays as you fly over Niagara Falls and across the plains of Manitoba.

Your flight lasts about 12 minutes and it was really enjoyable and you really feel like you are flying over the land. There were lots of screams and you really get into the moment.

The attraction is easy to find and there are lots of crew in red shirts to keep the lines moving. The walk down is by many flights of stairs and then you exit into the store, of course.

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