Route 66 – OK (46th) will be my 45th

The long wait is over, well almost. In October I fly into Austin and collect my car for a 9 night road trip.

Tip: It was better value to include the car with the flight than separately.

First night will be in Waco followed by two nights in Dallas. In Dallas I am going to make use of the hotel’s airport shuttle and take the DART light rail into the city so I don’t need to worry about parking the car. The travel card for a day is $6 which is awesome value compared to London where it is £14.40.

From Dallas heading north into Oklahoma which will be my 45th State, visiting the 46th State to join the Union. I will stay in Oklahoma City for two nights and will try and see at the very least the Central Oklahoma portion of Route 66 maybe as far as Tulsa.

The decision was taken with a very heavy heart not to venture over to Amarillo and enter New Mexico which would have been the 46th State for me because of time and distance so @NewMexico you will have to wait until another road trip gets planned. Maybe tackled from Phoenix who knows.

After OK and Route 66 there will a night in Plano, north of Dallas followed by three nights in Austin. From Austin I am going to take a sidebar to San Antonio to see the Riverwalk.

Accommodation for 9 nights has worked out under £600 which considering how prices for just about everything else has rocketed up seems to be a good result. I will joined on my adventure by my daughter and we are both celebrating milestone birthdays that were back in January but one thing led to another and it had to be delayed.


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      1. Thank you so much for following. We’re doing our trip in September and can’t wait to post about it. Do you know that you have visited more US states than we have? We look forward to traveling with you on your road trip.


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