Las Vegas Airport Changes Name

Everyday is a school day! Now I know that this isn’t recent news but it was news to me. At the end of 2021 Las Vegas Airport changed it’s name. Since it’s first commercial arrivals in 1948 the airport had been named after the Senator of Nevada Pat McCarran. As far back as 2012, stories began to emerge of McCarran’s history of perpetuating racism and … Continue reading Las Vegas Airport Changes Name

ETIAS – European ESTA to be Introduced 2023

As this blog gets more views from North America than anywhere else in the world I thought it helpful in advising North American visitors to Europe the latest announcement to impact future travel plans. The European Union has announced that arrivals from outside the block including UK travellers will need to arrange an ETIAS – European Travel Information and Authorisation. The introduction of this new … Continue reading ETIAS – European ESTA to be Introduced 2023

US ESTA – Price Increase

US Customs and Border Protection has announced that the price for an US ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation) for countries allowed to use the US Visa Waiver system is increasing from $14.00 to $21.00. This includes the $4.00 handling fee. The price will remain at that level until September 2027. The validity of the ESTA still remains at two years. For earlier posts regarding … Continue reading US ESTA – Price Increase

TSA – US Domestic Flyers near Pre-Pandemic Levels

The TSA – Transportation Security Administration that screen all passengers at America’s airports announced near pre-pandemic numbers for this Thanksgiving weekend. In a tweet TSA said that their officers screened 2,207,949 individuals at checkpoints across America. This represents 91% of the numbers for the same day in 2019. TSA recommend that travellers arrive early at the airport and masks must be worn at all times … Continue reading TSA – US Domestic Flyers near Pre-Pandemic Levels

Flying to America – Double Vaccinated from 08 November 2021

Tomorrow sees the return of International travellers from more than 25 different countries as well as the land borders re-opening. Travellers have to proof their vaccine status as well as a negative PCR or Antigen test at least three days before travel. There are so many suppliers of both that it is worth the effort in shopping around. Some can be posted to your home … Continue reading Flying to America – Double Vaccinated from 08 November 2021

International Travel to USA

From 08 November 2021 America will open up again for the first time since March 2020 to International travellers from 33 countries. The Coronavirus Pandemic has stopped travel to America and the land borders with Canada and Mexico have only just re-opened again. Only double vaccinated travellers will be allowed to travel. A negative PCR test taken within 72 hours is also required. During the … Continue reading International Travel to USA

US to Lift Travel Ban for UK and EU Travellers

20 September 2021 – News is breaking that the US will reverse the travel ban to allow the commencement of visitors from the UK and Europe. It is expected to be announced shortly and will start in plenty time for Thanksgiving 2021 so families can reunite at last. It will be for double vaccinated travellers at this time so watch this space to see if … Continue reading US to Lift Travel Ban for UK and EU Travellers