USA Road Trips – Popular Roadside Attractions not to Miss!

If you are planning a ‘safecation’ and doing a road trip keep your eyes peeled for these oddities along your chosen route. Some are historically revered and others have grown and expanded into the local icons that they are today. Admittedly there is plenty to break up the 2,448 miles of Route 66 and two of the most famous are Cadillac Ranch near Amarillo and … Continue reading USA Road Trips – Popular Roadside Attractions not to Miss!

Coronavirus – ‘Lockdown’ Cannonball Run Record will it stand?

I never knew that the Cannonball Run was actually a thing. I knew it was a movie with Burt Reynolds back in the day but didn’t realise that it was based a real rally. Taking advantage of the ‘Lockdown’ due to the Coronavirus Pandemic a new team driving a 2019 Audi A8 Sedan claim to have created a new record for the 3,000 mile journey … Continue reading Coronavirus – ‘Lockdown’ Cannonball Run Record will it stand?

‘Weed’ Tourism Flourishes in USA

For the record I don’t smoke or take any drugs – period! But lately the trend in travel programmes about visiting America include in one form or another the novelty of being able to legally buy Marijuana over the counter at some huge stores. There seems to be an array of different types and strengths in either their dried form, liquid from or in food … Continue reading ‘Weed’ Tourism Flourishes in USA

White Sands NM – America’s newest National Park

President Trump has just signed the National Defence Authorisation Act for Fiscal Year 2020, which included a provision on the re-designation of White Sands in New Mexico. White Sands becomes the 62nd National Park in the United States. Established by President Herbert Hoover to preserve the White Sands as a National Monument back in 1933. The area is the world’s largest gypsum dunefield covers more … Continue reading White Sands NM – America’s newest National Park

November 9 2016 – White House Tour

My photos reminded me that it is three years since I visited the White House. It still remains a unique visit as a British Citizen and something that I will always cherish. After all the security checks were done one of the biggest thrills was just walking up to the East Wing and letting myself in. The other stand out memory was looking down the … Continue reading November 9 2016 – White House Tour

Gateway Arch, St Louis MS

Built as a monument to the Western Expansion of the 19th century and symbolises the ‘Gateway to the West’, the Gateway Arch in St Louis is one of the most recognisable symbols of America. Standing at 630ft tall it is not only the tallest arch in the world but the tallest monument in the United States. Designed by American-Finnish architect Eero Saarinen it was officially … Continue reading Gateway Arch, St Louis MS

Presidential Libraries

Franklin D Roosevelt made a deal with the National Archives and Records Administration¬†(NARA) in 1939 and asked them to take control, at the end of his term of office of his personal and presidential papers because he thought that it was important to American history. He also donated a substantial portion of his private estate, Hyde Park in New York to the Government as well. … Continue reading Presidential Libraries

Seattle – Mariner’s Stadium Tour

I made a reservation online and decided that the 14.30 tour on 5 July was my preferred choice. Tickets cost $12.50 plus booking fee. I arrived at King St Station Seattle almost on schedule at 11.00. The surrounding streets were from an older period and there was an open air pedestrianised area called Occidental Square that was very lively. I wandered up towards Pike St … Continue reading Seattle – Mariner’s Stadium Tour