New England – Portland Head Lighthouse

After failing miserably to get up close to a lighthouse north of Brunswick in the Ship City of Bath, the nearest was seeing the lighthouse across the bay at 5 Islands and back of the little Doubling Point lighthouse opposite the ship yards in Bath, I put all my efforts in heading south of Portland. I could of course taken a harbour cruise and seen … Continue reading New England – Portland Head Lighthouse

New England – Plymouth, where it all began almost 400 years ago

My road trip was nearing it’s final day and my flight wasn’t until 22.00 so I made the decision to tackle the Boston traffic head on. I set my trusty Tom Tom for Plymouth Rock from Seabrook a distance of about 80 miles. As I approached the half way line there was Boston in front of me and toll roads at almost every turn. I … Continue reading New England – Plymouth, where it all began almost 400 years ago

New England – Kennebunkport ME

Coincidently George H Bush had just been transferred from the Bush family home for medical treatment in Maine¬†Kennebunkport a couple of days before my visit. It helped that the day was gloriously sunny. I was on route between Freeport, ME and Merrimack, NH and made a snap decision to deviate from the route to mad a short stop in Kennebunkport, ME. I am so glad … Continue reading New England – Kennebunkport ME

Great American Rail Journeys – BBC2

Michael Portillo has one of the best jobs ever! He and his little Appleton’s book get to travel and experience America by rail. His obvious enjoyment in presenting the history of his destinations and how they affected modern America is infectious. He is a retired Politian and yet he presents in an informative and often humorous style. I love his obvious British awkwardness but he … Continue reading Great American Rail Journeys – BBC2