Peace Arch – Canada – USA crossing

My goodness me. I set off from Surrey British Columbia at 07.25 and arrived at the Peace Arch about 30 minutes later. There were clear directions to either the Pacific Crossing or the Peach Arch and with wait times. I wanted to leave early because of the uncertainity of how long it would take to clear. The road signed a wait of 6 minutes which was amazing because it was around 2 hours at the weekend with all seven lanes open.

I pulled up to the officer and because I needed an entry stamp I was instructed to put my hazard lights on and a yellow sticker was slapped on the windscreen and told to pull forward to secondary inspection.

An officer approached me and told me to turn of the engine and go inside the building. The difference between this and the Rainbow Bridge at Niagara Falls was that I was in possession of my passport. Once inside the building I went straight to am officer who very thoroughly went through questions about where I was staying, what I was doing, when I was last in the USA. I felt really nervous like I had done something wrong but eventually I had my finger prints taken and paid the $6.00 to get my entry stamp.

The guy next to me was in all sorts of trouble. He said that he was here the day before and had returned with more documentation. As he approached the counter the officers nodded to each other and said ‘ that this was going to be interesting’. One question was at what time was he there the day before and he couldn’t remember that. Whilst that was going on all of a sudden the alarms sounded and a dozen officers barged through the doors at the end of the counter to outside.

I felt like I was actually on Border Force the programme but at least now I am in my happy place.