10 ‘I didn’t know that!’ Facts about America

  1. Alaska is 429 times larger than Rhode Island but has a smaller population than the smallest state.

    Glenn Highway Alaska
  2. Montana has three times more cows than people.

    Montana Cattle Drive
  3. California’s state animal is the Grizzly Bear but the last time one was spotted in the state was 1922.   Calfornia flag
  4. There are three towns called Santa Claus in the United States.

    santa claus.jpg
    Welcome to Santa Claus Indiana
  5. Juneau the capital of Alaska is the only state capital to border another country and at 330,000 square miles is larger than the state of Delaware. It is only reachable by air or water.

    Juneau Alaska
  6. Philadelphia literally means ‘brotherly love’. Founded by William Penn named the city from the Greek ‘philos’ (love or friendship) and adelphos (brother) and as a Quaker he wanted his colony to be a place that anyone could worship.

    Philadelphia the City of Brotherly Love
  7. The highest point in Florida is a whopping 345ft above sea level.

    It’s official
  8. It is against the state law of Arkansas to pronounce ‘Arkansas’ incorrectly. It is ARE – KUN -SA not ARE – KANsis.
  9. ZIP code stands to Zone Improvement Plan and was introduced in 1963.

    zip code.jpg
    USA map of zones
  10. The longest Interstate is I90 that runs between Boston Massachusetts to Seattle Washington and passes through 13 other states. I90