New England – Kennebunkport ME

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Coincidently George H Bush had just been transferred from the Bush family home for medical treatment in Maine Kennebunkport a couple of days before my visit.

It helped that the day was gloriously sunny. I was on route between Freeport, ME and Merrimack, NH and made a snap decision to deviate from the route to mad a short stop in Kennebunkport, ME.


I am so glad that I did. New England clad cottages lined the quiet country lanes as I approached the village. To be honest I am not sure if it is a town or a village but it was stunning none the less. I parked in a side street that allowed me one hour. At the end of the street was a white church with steeple probably guardian of the peace. It isn’t very big and I easily negotiated my way around the selection of boutiques and back waters. The main bridge with the marina was stunning and dominated by a large house.

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It was so unlike anywhere I had seen in America before. It was quaint and attractive and peaceful all at the same time. I went into nearly all of the t-shirt shops looking for souvenirs but didn’t purchase anything. There was a car park at the back of main street that had public conveniences that to my surprise were fully automated, clean and safe. I am such a princess aren’t I?

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