Disneyland Resort Price Increases

Just announced in the L.A Times that Disney  have increased admission charges and car park charges increased …again!

So now you know who is funding the new Star Wars Galaxy Edge attraction …..YOU ARE!

Does Disney need to charge every parked car $25 per day? The rates if you are interested are up by up to 25% and apparently after raising them by 18% in 2018. Disney are saying that this is provide crowd control by having different rates on differing demand days. Low demand days will rise from $97 to $104, regular demand days from $117 to $129 and peak demand days changing from $135 to $149. There is a change in annual passes which will still no allow weekend entrance will increase from $369 to $399. Apparently 219 days are blocked to annual pass holders and it must raise the question to its overall value.

It seems that Walt Disney World is better value than Disneyland Resort but why isn’t there parity between the parks?

The impact for UK visitors I suppose will be an increase in the 7 and 14 day passes unless there is the 2 day pass for 2019.