Walt Disney World – Hollywood Studios

Although we had an amazing day and got to do all that we wanted I think I have to put down some thoughts. CAR PARK: $22 and you don’t get a souvenir receipt anymore COKE $3.50 2018 KEY RING $10 YODA BACK PACK $65 PLUSH MINNIE EARS $24 3 COFFEES 3 PASTRIES $30 MICKEY ICE CREAM SANDWICH $5 It might be the happiest place on … Continue reading Walt Disney World – Hollywood Studios

Brand USA

I keep mentioning Brand USA without explanation. This is marketing arm of Visit USA and is currently funded with the $14 ESTA fee that all eligible visitors pay to allow them to travel to the States. They offer itineraries and suggestions with links to states and cities for planning. It is a resource for us all. All activity is reported back to the Capital and … Continue reading Brand USA

New York to Boston Amtrak- Brand USA

An early check out from Arlo Soho and Ubers’ to Penn Station was the order of the day. The ornate and rather grand building that everyone knows as Penn Station is a facade as the station is all below ground. Serving 650,000 commuter and Amtrak travellers daily it is the busiest transit hub in the Western Hemisphere. Located in Midtown Manhattan near the Empire State … Continue reading New York to Boston Amtrak- Brand USA