Coronavirus – PPE Vending Machines

The world is awaking like a bear coming out of hibernation. Slowly but surely the ‘new normal’ is evolving. TSA across USA airports report their third busiest day since mid March. Seems so long ago doesn’t it? In a first but what will soon be seen everywhere Las Vegas McCarran International Airport has installed PPE vending machines. Dispensing masks, hand sanitiser, towels and gloves the … Continue reading Coronavirus – PPE Vending Machines

Coronavirus – Las Vegas

How is this for a joined approach in response to the Coronavirus? In Las Vegas at least two employees of MGM Resorts International have tested positive to Covid-19. One at Luxor and one at Wet Republic Pool at MGM Grand. MGM resorts have taken the decision to close their night clubs, day clubs, spas, salons and fitness centres from Monday. In Las Vegas one of … Continue reading Coronavirus – Las Vegas

‘Weed’ Tourism Flourishes in USA

For the record I don’t smoke or take any drugs – period! But lately the trend in travel programmes about visiting America include in one form or another the novelty of being able to legally buy Marijuana over the counter at some huge stores. There seems to be an array of different types and strengths in either their dried form, liquid from or in food … Continue reading ‘Weed’ Tourism Flourishes in USA

Las Vegas – Chocolate Tour – Save Money and Do It Yourself!

There are no limits where Las Vegas is concerned and this new tour caught my eye. It consists of a ride in an SUV with complimentary Sparkling Cider or Chocolate Wine to these chocolate attractions in Las Vegas. M&M World Las Vegas Hersheys Chocolate World Las Vegas Ethel M Factory Visit The Cafe Hollywood at Planet Hollywood Oh not forgetting a photo stop at the … Continue reading Las Vegas – Chocolate Tour – Save Money and Do It Yourself!

Casinos – A road less travelled!

My Husband likes to visit a casino when we travel to the States. It isn’t something I enjoy and none of it makes sense to me. We have visited Las Vegas on a number of occasions as well as Atlantic City. These are two of the biggest casino resorts in America but when we have been on our road trips there has hardly ever been a … Continue reading Casinos – A road less travelled!

Weekend Visits – Shoppers Paradise

I could wax lyrical about shopping in America and bore you to death with descriptions of malls that I have visited over 30 years but I hear you and won’t go down that path. Shopping in America is an experience and I love it…there I said it. These tips are all personal from visiting these cities and their fantastic malls. Most malls open at 10.00 … Continue reading Weekend Visits – Shoppers Paradise