Las Vegas – Chocolate Tour – Save Money and Do It Yourself!

There are no limits where Las Vegas is concerned and this new tour caught my eye. It consists of a ride in an SUV with complimentary Sparkling Cider or Chocolate Wine to these chocolate attractions in Las Vegas.

M&M World Las Vegas

Hersheys Chocolate World Las Vegas

Ethel M Factory Visit

The Cafe Hollywood at Planet Hollywood

Oh not forgetting a photo stop at the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

Tour lasts 4.5 hours and costs $109 (incl Tax) per person

If you are not on an escorted tour or without transport I sort of see why you might partake but if you have a rental car why don’t you just save $109 and drive yourself to these attractions?

M&M World, Hershey and Ethel M. experiences are all FREE to visit. If you want dessert at Cafe Hollywood their offerings in jars are between $8-16.

What a rip off but cheap by comparison to other specialist tours that you take to experience Las Vegas, such as Planet Hollywood Photo Tour that provides a photographer, tour of Las Vegas, platter of selected food at Planet Hollywood all for $568 (maximum of 6 people)

Personally Hershey should only be experienced in Pennsylvania with a fully immersive experience that ends up in a huge store. Who can resist streets names such as Chocolate Avenue with Hershey Kiss shaped street lights at the intersection with Cocoa Avenue. You can’t smell chocolate but your brain sure does suggest it is in the air.


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