Coronavirus – Covid surcharge tax being added to restaurant bills

For those contemplating a visit to America post Coronavirus I just discovered that rather than increase menu prices some restaurants are adding a Covid surcharge to patrons’ bills and then charging tax on the total.

It has been reported that some of the more upscale restaurants in Las Vegas Casinos are adding between 4 and 5%. Apparently you can ask for this to be removed as it appears to be optional.

I suppose what with menu ingredients being more expensive and that restaurants are only running at 50% capacity that there has to be a balance made between making the menu prices being too expensive that nobody patronises the eatery and making a profit.

Dividing Screen

Be mindful, that although city favourites such as New York City are reopening in phases, that there are reports of other States having increasing number of new Covid-19 cases. Rising cases appear to be South Eastern States, especially Florida, areas of California, Oregon and Washington. Apparently Trump is attributing the up-tick to increases in testing and discovering more cases.

To be honest I am still very wary about planning a visit to America at least until 2021.