‘Weed’ Tourism Flourishes in USA

For the record I don’t smoke or take any drugs – period! But lately the trend in travel programmes about visiting America include in one form or another the novelty of being able to legally buy Marijuana over the counter at some huge stores. There seems to be an array of different types and strengths in either their dried form, liquid from or in food types. The stigma around legalisation is ‘going up in smoke’ excuse the pun!

When I was in Washington State I knew that it was legal to buy Cannabis, Marijuana or Kush but was surprised to see that there were organised Cannabis Tours promoted via leaflets in hotel lobbies. Virtually every major road junction I saw ‘Sign Spinners’ in distinctive suits with ‘weed’ designs trying to entice customers to their stores. This is definitely a brand new industry that has opened up and swiftly being available in more and more states.

There is the opportunity to have gourmet professional prepared meals at chefs houses that are all Cannabis infused courses and prepared in the chefs own houses. Presumably they arrange transportation back to your accommodation.

States that have legalised recreational use 


Can you see the political divide here?

States have limitations still on what quantity you can buy and there is a minimum age to be able to enter lounges. If use is for medical reasons then you need provide proof in able to purchase your requirements.

Las Vegas has Planet 13 which is Nevada’s largest venue to purchase Marijuana and related products with free transportation. Located on W Desert Inn Road about 8 miles north of the airport and 4 miles west of Fremont St and open 24 hours a day. Planet 13 has become an attraction in it’s own rights and no doubt will face new competition in the months to come from bigger and fancier venues.

There are websites that offer comprehensive information with tours, meal experiences and venues to smoke your hit of choice. One such website is Kush Tourism and covers information about a number of states with the applicable laws in legislation.

As Kentucky is as famous for ‘Bourbon Trails’ and the Napa Valley for vineyards then visiting lounges to purchase ‘weed’ will be a regular stop on many tours.

I suppose it will only be a matter of time that taking ‘weed’ in it’s various forms will be legal worldwide. Can you imagine the smell as if inhaling cigarette smoke isn’t bad enough? (personal opinion.

TIP: Check local laws carefully