Coronavirus – PPE Vending Machines

The world is awaking like a bear coming out of hibernation. Slowly but surely the ‘new normal’ is evolving.

TSA across USA airports report their third busiest day since mid March. Seems so long ago doesn’t it? In a first but what will soon be seen everywhere Las Vegas McCarran International Airport has installed PPE vending machines. Dispensing masks, hand sanitiser, towels and gloves the machines are located in Terminals 1 and 3. It is a great idea and will be a point of reassurance to travellers.


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In Florida Universal City Walk is reopening with reduced hours and plenty of social distancing signage. Hours will be 10.00 – 16.00 and only a small selection of stores and restaurants running at 25% of capacity to start with. All customers will have their temperatures taken with anybody recording 100.4 degrees will be turned away. The car park expense will be dropped for the time being.

Grand Canyon National Park has partially reopened to tourists but there are no overnight accommodations available but there are restrooms open by the South Entrance and you are recommended to bring hand sanitiser with you.

Yellowstone is reopening in phases and currently the Southern part of the park is open but again no accommodations are open. As the park crosses three States and each of then differ with their unlocking it might take longer than anticipated to be running as normal.

Apparently it will be mandatory to where a face covering at the airport it isn’t going to be enforceable on the aircraft. The crew are only able to recommend their use.

The more people seen with face coverings world wide will surely encourage more and more acceptance of the new outer wear.