Coronavirus – Still Causing Problems

USA, Canada and Mexico have all kept their borders closed to travellers, visitors and non essential traffic. The closure to all border crossings has been extended until at least the end of August 2020.

A recent IPSOS poll in Canada shows that the majority of Canadians are in favour of the borders remaining closed until the end of 2020 at the least.

The epicentre of the virus currently is Florida and especially the Miami area. There is a daily number of cases around 10,000.

The CDC – Centre for Disease Control – has extended it’s ban on cruise departures until the end of September at the earliest. The Carnival Corporation has sold or scrapping at least 13 ships in a battle to ‘stay afloat’ (excuse the pun!).

Airlines are enforcing the wearing of masks only to be removed to eat but there are no drinks services (or reduced) to keep contact throughout the flight to a minimum. There is still no confirmation regarding middle seats being kept empty and it is being left up to individual airlines across the world. Do your research carefully is my advice.

Coronavirus middle seat blocked

In Las Vegas, as positive cases are still increasing there must be some decisions made shortly to the wisdom of keeping casinos open. Most opened up again in June but now there are questions being asked about them being opened.

On a daily basis nationwide stores are issuing statements about the compulsory wearing of masks on their properties. Walmart, Target, Starbucks, Kohls and Walgreens amongst the most well known.

My favourite Covid Mask related story has to be the abuse suffered by a Starbucks barista in San Diego by a female customer who refused to wear a mask. A funding page was set up to support the barista which has now surpassed $100,000. The female in question is demanding 50% of the funds. I wonder if she has regrets now.