Coronavirus – Omicron Impacting Cruising

After the world had started to return to a reasonable level of normality it has been hit by the new variation Omicron. The strain is highly transmissible and thought to be less impactful than the Delta variant. Outbreaks on Cruise ships have prompted the CDC in America to advise that regardless of a vaccination status that going on a cruise should be avoided. The CDC … Continue reading Coronavirus – Omicron Impacting Cruising

Coronavirus – Double Jabbed to Wear Masks Again!

They thought it was all over! Massive publicity was made by Walt Disney Parks and Casinos in Las Vegas that guests who had been double vaccinated were no longer mandated to wear masks indoors. It didn’t last long and now Nevada has reintroduced restrictions across the state that masks must be worn indoors in counties where there is high transmission. Cases across America are rising … Continue reading Coronavirus – Double Jabbed to Wear Masks Again!

Coronavirus – CDC to allow US Cruise Sailings

For the first time since March 14 the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) is to all sailings for cruise ships that operate with more than 250 passengers – WITH CONDITIONS. Cruise lines are going to have to build lab capacity onboard to be able to test for Covid-19 on crew members that are allowed to disembark in the USA. Ships also need to prove that … Continue reading Coronavirus – CDC to allow US Cruise Sailings

Coronavirus – Still Causing Problems

USA, Canada and Mexico have all kept their borders closed to travellers, visitors and non essential traffic. The closure to all border crossings has been extended until at least the end of August 2020. A recent IPSOS poll in Canada shows that the majority of Canadians are in favour of the borders remaining closed until the end of 2020 at the least. The epicentre of … Continue reading Coronavirus – Still Causing Problems

Coronavirus – Flights, Cruises and more Closures

State of Emergency has been declared by President Trump which allows more tests to be done for free at drive in centres across the country. Vice President Pence says 46 States have reported Coronavirus. The latest I heard about the cruise industry in America is that all lines have agreed to shut down operations for at least 30 days. Both Trump and Pence are spouting … Continue reading Coronavirus – Flights, Cruises and more Closures


I try to steer away from politics but have to vent from time to time. The UK is in the process of selecting a new Prime Minister – well the Conservative Party is – us mere mortals won’t get a say. The currency markets are as flat as a pancake in anticipation of who will lead the UK out of Brexit. Three years ago the … Continue reading Uncertainty!