Coronavirus – Flights, Cruises and more Closures

State of Emergency has been declared by President Trump which allows more tests to be done for free at drive in centres across the country. Vice President Pence says 46 States have reported Coronavirus.

The latest I heard about the cruise industry in America is that all lines have agreed to shut down operations for at least 30 days. Both Trump and Pence are spouting about what a ‘tremendous’ industry the cruise industry is and very popular with Americans. There must be cruises mid itinerary are they continuing or returning to land. If they get back to an American port how are non US citizens going to be able to fly back to their countries.

Along with the closures of it’s parks worldwide Disney Resort hotels are closing after 16 March offering full refunds on affected bookings.

The Edge in New York New York – Hudson Yards Neighbourhood has closed it’s viewing deck after only being opened to the public for two days.

The Space Needle in Seattle has closed until at least 31 March.

The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation in Detroit has closed until at least 18 March when it will reassess the situation.

Australia has banned any cruises to dock in their country.

UK & Ireland flights to and from the States as of 04.00 Tuesday (UK time) are being suspended to join the already banned European Countries on the list.

American Airlines, the world’s largest airline is stopping all of their long haul flights.

Reporters asked Trump and Pence about advising domestic travellers if they should not fly and the answer was very vague. I think people need clarity in a time like this.

France, Spain, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia are closing their borders. Many more countries are insisting on proof of 14 days isolation before granting entry.

China and South Korea are seeing fewer new infections and are very slowly returning to some type of normality.