Coronavirus – CDC to allow US Cruise Sailings

For the first time since March 14 the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) is to all sailings for cruise ships that operate with more than 250 passengers – WITH CONDITIONS.

Cruise lines are going to have to build lab capacity onboard to be able to test for Covid-19 on crew members that are allowed to disembark in the USA. Ships also need to prove that they comply with social distancing, hygiene rules, quarantining and isolation requirements where necessary.

A later phase might involve having ‘Mock Sailings’ with volunteers acting as guests to test Covid-19 virus mitigation policies in place. Once ships have passed these requirements they will be certified safe to sail.

The larger cruise lines have still cancelled cruise departures through to December 2020 and don’t expect a return to normal just yet. It will be a long while yet that cruising returns to 2019 operations.