Coronavirus – Omicron Impacting Cruising

After the world had started to return to a reasonable level of normality it has been hit by the new variation Omicron. The strain is highly transmissible and thought to be less impactful than the Delta variant. Outbreaks on Cruise ships have prompted the CDC in America to advise that regardless of a vaccination status that going on a cruise should be avoided. The CDC has raised it’s travel warning from three to four, the highest it can issue on Thursday 30 December.

Obviously this has caused consternation from the Cruise Industry who argue that it is only their industry that requires passengers and crew to be double vaccinated as well as taking regular testing. They say that the positive cases are relatively low in comparison to other sectors. The CDC say that it is the close quarters on ship that are the area of concern for the CDC.

It is reported that Mexico refused a Holland America cruise ship permission to dock with 1000s of American passengers onboard because of the Coronovirus pandemic. Puerto Vallarta refused to allow MS Koningsdam away because 21 crew members had tested positive onboard after leaving San Deigo.

The travel sector is far from secure with the pandemic nearing two years of impact on the global stage. Internal American flights have been severely disrupted over the holiday period due to staff shortages caused by positive cases of Covid.