I try to steer away from politics but have to vent from time to time. The UK is in the process of selecting a new Prime Minister – well the Conservative Party is – us mere mortals won’t get a say. The currency markets are as flat as a pancake in anticipation of who will lead the UK out of Brexit.

Screenshot 2019-06-20 at 13.13.10Three years ago the bottom fell out of the pound and it has never recovered. See if you can pin point when the referendum was!

I am travelling to Canada and the US next week and can expect to get around 1.23 to the pound and 1.63 for the Canadian. No wonder travel is largely down to both of these destinations with the UK consumer looking outside of the Eurozone for non Euro using countries.

Cruise sales remain soft (not allowed to use slow apparently!) probably because of the currency used on-board being the US dollar.

Interest rates are still low so pension incomes are lower than planned for by many.

The UK has until 31 October to agree to leave the EU with or without a deal. Parliament has voted that we can’t leave without a deal and having been granted an extension our politicians are going to be on their summer holidays until September. The new Prime Minister won’t be revealed until 22 July.

All we want is CERTAINTY and have the markets boom again.

Will there be life after Brexit? Only time (dragging on and on) will tell.