New England – Accents and nicknames

I have always thought for a little island like the UK there are so many different dialects. From Cornish, Welsh, Scottish, Liverpool, Manchester, Saath (South) London, Yorkshire, Newcastle and so on. I think this was the first time that I was actually aware of different accents in the USA. Staying at the bed and breakfast in North Conway meant that my path was crossed with visitors … Continue reading New England – Accents and nicknames

New England – Kennebunkport ME

Coincidently George H Bush had just been transferred from the Bush family home for medical treatment in Maine Kennebunkport a couple of days before my visit. It helped that the day was gloriously sunny. I was on route between Freeport, ME and Merrimack, NH and made a snap decision to deviate from the route to mad a short stop in Kennebunkport, ME. I am so glad … Continue reading New England – Kennebunkport ME

New England – Latest Road Trip 2018

The count down is on. I have done all my planning and research and this week I put the finishing touches on my latest road trip. Probably missing some ‘must not miss’ areas but feeling pretty pleased with the result. If you have read my earlier blog on planning in progress or Great Rail Journeys you will remember that I want to visit Mount Washington … Continue reading New England – Latest Road Trip 2018

Weekend Visits – Shoppers Paradise

I could wax lyrical about shopping in America and bore you to death with descriptions of malls that I have visited over 30 years but I hear you and won’t go down that path. Shopping in America is an experience and I love it…there I said it. These tips are all personal from visiting these cities and their fantastic malls. Most malls open at 10.00 … Continue reading Weekend Visits – Shoppers Paradise