American Dream – NJ

This is exciting news and should be a ‘slam dunk’ for the European market looking for a new weekend experience. From the same company that brought the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota and the West Edmonton Mall, Canada is the long awaited American Dream. Due to open 25 October and located in the New Jersey Meadowlands in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Located across from … Continue reading American Dream – NJ

South Dakota – Open letter from Sir Richard Branson

As a Virgin First Mate I found this in my work ‘inbox’ which amused me. Virgin Voyages launch in April 2020 on a rotation of 4 or 5 night voyages from Miami. The Scarlet Lady hasn’t been launched yet but the voyages are open for sale. Virgin are reinventing the cruise experience and no children are allowed. Apparently there will be a resident Tattoo Artist … Continue reading South Dakota – Open letter from Sir Richard Branson

Brand USA – Norwegian Airlines: New York and Boston 19 Aug – 23 Aug 19

Sometimes working in travel has it’s perks and I am fortunate to be going a funded visit to New York and Boston at the invitation of Brand USA and Norwegian Airlines. It is a small group of 6 tour operators and travel agents from all over the UK and Ireland. So I am super excited that I am embarking on a  whirlwind 4 night whistle stop tour … Continue reading Brand USA – Norwegian Airlines: New York and Boston 19 Aug – 23 Aug 19

Florida or just Orlando

Outside of Europe namely France and Spain which are the still the most popular destinations for the UK market the next most popular is Florida. Visitors flock to the centre of Florida to make homage to the multiple theme parks and associated tourist attractions that have been set up to capture this constant flow of visitors. Personally I must have visited the area over a … Continue reading Florida or just Orlando

Max’s Top 10 Reasons Why America!

I often get asked why do I like visiting America so often. My colleagues tease me about there being a whole side of the world that I am missing out on. Do you know I don’t mentally regard going on holiday unless I am travelling West. I only ever have the map of North America in my mind when trips are mentioned. The question is … Continue reading Max’s Top 10 Reasons Why America!

Weekend Visits – Shoppers Paradise

I could wax lyrical about shopping in America and bore you to death with descriptions of malls that I have visited over 30 years but I hear you and won’t go down that path. Shopping in America is an experience and I love it…there I said it. These tips are all personal from visiting these cities and their fantastic malls. Most malls open at 10.00 … Continue reading Weekend Visits – Shoppers Paradise