Penn Station – New York City – Spectacular New Hall Opens

After New York lost the original Penn Station to facilitate Madison Square Garden in the early 1960s and all that remained was an underground hall, New Yorkers are welcoming a new spectacular hall for Amtrak customers. 

The Moynihan Train Hall opened on 1 January 2021 in the building that housed the Farley Road Post Office directly across from the Madison Square Garden/Penn Station entrance. The $1.6 billion structure is named after Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan who championed the plan but died in 2003.

The new concourse hall expands to the western end for 17 tracks available for Amtrak and the glass covered atrium is larger than that of Grand Central Station. The capacity for customers has been increased by a huge 50% to allow more space for movement and queuing for services.

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The new hall is being hailed as an art installation and highlights the vibrancy of the city.