Further Planning in Progress 2023

I shared recently plans to visit three more States on my next visit to America. These states being Utah, Nebraska and New Mexico. My excitement about using Amtrak was going to result in many hours of my holiday travelling in a coach seat at a very reasonable ticket price. Further ideas flooded into my mind with a simple realisation that as I have visited California … Continue reading Further Planning in Progress 2023

Planning in Progress – Visiting States #46 & #47 possibly #48

Those of you that follow this site already know that I have stepped foot into 45 states. I still need to visit Utah, New Mexico, Nebraska, North Dakota and finally Hawaii. As I am resident in the UK this rather restricts my options and what with the current cost of living crisis my purse strings are stretched. I have researched air fares in September and … Continue reading Planning in Progress – Visiting States #46 & #47 possibly #48

Florida – Rail Options

Central Florida continues to attract increasing numbers of visitors annually. In 2021 is was reported that there were around 57 million visitors, the majority are US domestic travellers but 2 million are from overseas. Numbers are going up and certainly recovering from the impact of the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic. Would travelling through the Sunshine State by rail be an option for anyone instead of flying … Continue reading Florida – Rail Options

Amtrak – New Summer Service – New York to The Berkshires

Something you don’t see very often from Amtrak is the unveiling of a new route. Specifically aimed at New Yorkers’ wanting to get away for a weekend, the new ‘Berkshire Flyer’ will start it’s operations from 08 July and run between New York’s Penn Station, NY and Pittsfield, MA. Departing Penn Station at 15.16 and arriving at 19.12 in Pittsfield. I would recommend that your … Continue reading Amtrak – New Summer Service – New York to The Berkshires

Amtrak – 50 years old

Happy Anniversary Amtrak This week marked the anniversary of the passenger rail system created in 1971. President Biden, who was a regular commuter between Wilmington and Washington D.C when the Senate was in session and was sometimes referred to as ‘Amtrak Joe’ made an appearance to announce plans for a much needed boost to the rail system’s infrastructure. The President is offering that $80b be … Continue reading Amtrak – 50 years old

Penn Station – New York City – Spectacular New Hall Opens

After New York lost the original Penn Station to facilitate Madison Square Garden in the early 1960s and all that remained was an underground hall, New Yorkers are welcoming a new spectacular hall for Amtrak customers.  The Moynihan Train Hall opened on 1 January 2021 in the building that housed the Farley Road Post Office directly across from the Madison Square Garden/Penn Station entrance. The … Continue reading Penn Station – New York City – Spectacular New Hall Opens

Mount Vernon & Cascades Amtrak

Judging by the surprise of the guard at the border Mount Vernon isn’t generally visited by tourists. It was a small town snuggled up along the banks of the Skagit River to one side and the Cascade Mountains to the other. The scenery is beautiful, amongst the farmland and back drop of the mountains. I planned to take it easy whilst there and apart from … Continue reading Mount Vernon & Cascades Amtrak

New York to Boston Amtrak – Brand USA

An early check out from Arlo Soho and Ubers’ to Penn Station was the order of the day. The ornate and rather grand building that everyone knows as Penn Station is a facade as the station is all below ground. Serving 650,000 commuter and Amtrak travellers daily it is the busiest transit hub in the Western Hemisphere. Located in Midtown Manhattan near the Empire State … Continue reading New York to Boston Amtrak – Brand USA

Great American Rail Journeys – BBC2

Michael Portillo has one of the best jobs ever! He and his little Appleton’s book get to travel and experience America by rail. His obvious enjoyment in presenting the history of his destinations and how they affected modern America is infectious. He is a retired Politian and yet he presents in an informative and often humorous style. I love his obvious British awkwardness but he … Continue reading Great American Rail Journeys – BBC2