Penn Station – New York City – Spectacular New Hall Opens

After New York lost the original Penn Station to facilitate Madison Square Garden in the early 1960s and all that remained was an underground hall, New Yorkers are welcoming a new spectacular hall for Amtrak customers.  The Moynihan Train Hall opened on 1 January 2021 in the building that housed the Farley Road Post Office directly across from the Madison Square Garden/Penn Station entrance. The … Continue reading Penn Station – New York City – Spectacular New Hall Opens

New York to Boston Amtrak – Brand USA

An early check out from Arlo Soho and Ubers’ to Penn Station was the order of the day. The ornate and rather grand building that everyone knows as Penn Station is a facade as the station is all below ground. Serving 650,000 commuter and Amtrak travellers daily it is the busiest transit hub in the Western Hemisphere. Located in Midtown Manhattan near the Empire State … Continue reading New York to Boston Amtrak – Brand USA

New York-Brand USA Visit

There was a small group of 7 soon to be 8 travel professionals on a visit to both New York and Boston. First was New York on August 19 and 20. In New York accommodation was at the quirky boutique hotel  Arlo Hotel Soho. Located right by the Holland Tunnel entrance and nearby Canal Street Metro stop. Transfers were mainly by Uber. I have never been in … Continue reading New York-Brand USA Visit