Segway – the end of an era?

Just announced, the demise of the Segway after only 19 years. Production will cease shortly on the two wheeler self balancing vehicle that is a regular sight in shopping malls across America. Most cities have companies that offer Segway tours of their most popular sights but here in the UK they can’t be used on public roads or footpaths so have never taken off here. … Continue reading Segway – the end of an era?

Armistice Day & Veterans Day ?

I always buy a poppy that is adopted as a symbol of remembrance and hope for those who lost their lives in conflicts fighting for freedom throughout the Commonwealth. The red paper poppy has now many different forms to show support for the Royal British Legion from rubber bracelets, scarves and decorative jewellery. Soccer teams have an onfield ceremony to remember supporters and players who … Continue reading Armistice Day & Veterans Day ?

November 9 2016 – White House Tour

My photos reminded me that it is three years since I visited the White House. It still remains a unique visit as a British Citizen and something that I will always cherish. After all the security checks were done one of the biggest thrills was just walking up to the East Wing and letting myself in. The other stand out memory was looking down the … Continue reading November 9 2016 – White House Tour

The Observation Deck at CEB Tower – Rosslyn, VA

The second highest viewing deck inside the Beltway of Metropolitan DC area is the 31 storey Central Tower in Rosslyn, Virginia. Well that is what I was going to say because although it has been open for just over a year it appears that is going to be a private events space only. The almost 400ft, newly built tower complex only opened in June 2018 … Continue reading The Observation Deck at CEB Tower – Rosslyn, VA

Nationals in World Series for the First Time

So excited to see that the Washington Nationals have reached their first World Series. This is baseball by the way! They will play Houston Astros in the 2019 World Series with the first match at Houston on 22 October 2019 in a first to four games in the seven match contest. I saw the Nationals play a few years ago at Nationals Park in Washington … Continue reading Nationals in World Series for the First Time

Traffic Congestion – Washington D.C

Tom-Tom send me regular emails trying to get me to upgrade and change my perfectly functioning (famous last words) unit. This latest attempt caught my eye though. I did click Find Out More Tom Tom Traffic Index – Live Congestion Statistics It might be helpful in planning your next city visit to the States. Continue reading Traffic Congestion – Washington D.C

Washington Monument – Open Again!

September 19 2019 is the date that the iconic 555 ft high obelisk that is the Washington Monument will reopen to the public. Operated by the National Park Service tickets are issued on a first come first served basis from the Monument Lodge. Hours of operation are 09.00 – 17.00 daily except for 4 July and Christmas. If you book in advance it will cost $1.50 per … Continue reading Washington Monument – Open Again!

American Sports – Go See It!

You all know which sports are exclusively American I assume. I speak of Baseball, American Gridiron Football, Basketball and Lacrosse. The latter I can’t speak about but I suspect it is an amateur sports. The others are in the life blood of American society. Those cities that don’t have a AFL or NFL team are graced with a college or state team. The stadia built … Continue reading American Sports – Go See It!