Segway – the end of an era?

Just announced, the demise of the Segway after only 19 years. Production will cease shortly on the two wheeler self balancing vehicle that is a regular sight in shopping malls across America.

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Most cities have companies that offer Segway tours of their most popular sights but here in the UK they can’t be used on public roads or footpaths so have never taken off here.

Famously, George W. Bush lost control of his and crashed forwards to the floor and the man that bought the Segway company, Jimi Heselden died whilst on his Segway reversing to make way for a dog walker and tumbled into the River Wharfe in Yorkshire a decade ago.

Personally, I have experienced two Segway tours, Pittsburgh and Washington D.C. They do take a moment to get used to but are an incredible way to make your way around whilst covering considerable distances. Training is provided and they won’t start until the whole group is confident and in control of their machine.

On the tour of D.C I Segway’d down the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue from the Capitol Building passed Trump Hotel (formerly the Old Post Office) and the FBI Building on voting day 2016.

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I would think that the tours will still be available so long as the parts are available to keep the machines functioning. Tours can be pricey so keep an eye out for coupons. At least you have to be socially distanced or you will crash!