Armistice Day & Veterans Day ?

I always buy a poppy that is adopted as a symbol of remembrance and hope for those who lost their lives in conflicts fighting for freedom throughout the Commonwealth.

The red paper poppy has now many different forms to show support for the Royal British Legion from rubber bracelets, scarves and decorative jewellery. Soccer teams have an onfield ceremony to remember supporters and players who lost their lives in the course of conflict and the team shirts have an inclusive poppy. Some teams auction the shirts for the charities. All television reporters, news readers and reality stars are never seen without one on their lapels or outfits. Local councils decorate lamp posts and trees with large poppies before removing them in favour of Christmas decorations. It is really well observed in the UK.

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Armistice Day is now more widely observed with shops making announcements at 11.00 to fall silent for two minutes. This didn’t really happen and the main event was always Remembrance Sunday at the Cenotaph in London’s Whitehall and attended by the Royal Family and Politicians followed by a march past of members of the armed forces. It is always a solemn event and the build up heralds the start of the dark winter nights.

I know in America they have Veterans Day and was curious about when it was introduced. Surprisingly in was first created way back in 1938 and also called Armistice Day. Congress of the time made it an official holiday and it is always the nearest Monday to November 11. So 2019 it fell on the exact day.

But which President changed the name to Veterans Day and when?

Dwight D Eisenhower in 1954 signed legislation to amend the 1938 act of Congress to change the name to Veterans Day.

Apparently some Americans wear crepe paper poppies but more commonly the words Veterans Day is displayed as a mark of respect. I have seen NFL games where the back room staff are wearing khaki colours to honour Veterans along with special logos on equipment.

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