Take a Tour of the Pentagon – Washington D.C

After the awful events of 9/11 I always assumed that The Pentagon was a no go area so I was really pleased when I searched for free tours in Washington DC that a tour is possible. There are plenty of hoops to jump through to be accepted on to a tour of the Pentagon. To request a place on a tour of the Pentagon Note: … Continue reading Take a Tour of the Pentagon – Washington D.C

Tour the White House

The White House When investigating visiting the White House it is straight forward for a US national but for overseas tourists it becomes a problem. The website directs you to ask for permission to tour the White House via your embassy. Following the instructions the British Embassy in Washington and that site clearly denies being able to grant any access to getting on a tour … Continue reading Tour the White House

Washington DC – Max’s Favourite City

A question that I am asked often is what is my favourite State and actually it isn’t a State at all. Probably because it is so iconic and easily recognised but to actually be there is something altogether different the answer has to be Washington D.C Every time I visited I discover more and more about this fascinating and prominent capital. The wide avenues and … Continue reading Washington DC – Max’s Favourite City