November 9 2016 – White House Tour

My photos reminded me that it is three years since I visited the White House. It still remains a unique visit as a British Citizen and something that I will always cherish. After all the security checks were done one of the biggest thrills was just walking up to the East Wing and letting myself in.Boarding Pass

The other stand out memory was looking down the south lawn to the railings at the tourists looking up to the White House which I had done many times before.

I visited the day after the 2016 election and the mood was sombre to say the least. It was reported that Obama was making a speech in the Rose Garden at the same time that I was touring the East Wing. I wouldn’t have known though.

Just one year to go – will Trump be Triumphant? Will he be impeached and be the only President that is impeached to serve a second term? The excitement builds!