The Observation Deck at CEB Tower – Rosslyn, VA

The second highest viewing deck inside the Beltway of Metropolitan DC area is the 31 storey Central Tower in Rosslyn, Virginia. Well that is what I was going to say because although it has been open for just over a year it appears that is going to be a private events space only.

The View of DC website

The almost 400ft, newly built tower complex only opened in June 2018 and was called the ‘Observation Deck at CEB Tower’. It originally offered Arlington residents a limited number of free tickets to use. Now it appears that in July this year it stopped taking advance bookings at $22 per adult and is promoting enquiries for events only. The attraction has been renamed at ‘The View of DC’. A search of the web brought up an article on the confusion and loss of a really good tourist attraction.

View of DC from CEB Tower
Offers amazing views over the Capitol region


Arlington News says that it might not have been commercially viable because it wasn’t attracting visitors because it was too far out from DC. The metro system in Washington and surrounding cities is top notch and the argument is that if visitors are willing to cross over to Arlington Cemetery and Pentagon then getting to Rosslyn isn’t any different.

Rosslyn is served by Blue, Silver and Orange lines all of which serve the DC area. It does seem a strange decision in this day and age especially as the company contracted to run the 360 degree observation space also manage the One World in New York amongst others.