New York – New Years Eve Times Square

In London revellers flock to the banks of the River Thames to see the firework display around the London Eye to herald the start of a new year. Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic the 2022 fireworks have already been cancelled.

New Yorkers on the other hand can see the traditional ‘Ball Drop’ on 31st December in Times Square in person. Revellers will have to buy a ticket and show proof of being double vaccinated to attend.

The famous tradition of the ‘Ball Drop’ started way back in 1907. Since then there have been 7 different versions to dazzle the gathered crowds as the clock strikes midnight.

The first ball was constructed of iron and wood and weighed 700lbs (317kg). It had 100 light bulbs. The latest iteration has a diameter of 12ft and weighs a colossal 11,875lbs (5,386kg or 5.386 tonnes).

Today the ball boasts 2,688 Waterford Crystal triangles with a palette that can display 16 million vibrant colours and patterns.

New York - Times Square
The ball sits above One Times Square in Times Square

The ball is raised at One Times Square at 18.00hrs New Years Eve and the festivities begin at 20.00. Thousands of party favours are distributed amongst the crown by the Times Square Alliance Sanitation crew.

The numbers that the ball descends behind each stand 7ft tall and weigh a total of 1,130lbs (512kg)

The ball starts it’s descent at 23.59 and 50 seconds for the last 10 seconds of the year then approximately 1 ton of confetti drops are released onto Times Square.

Many of the surrounding hotels and restaurants offer ticketed entrance to spend the evening and watch the ball drop without having to be outside in the often bitter New York chill. Here are some of the options for 2022

Of course you don’t need to be in New York City to witness the ‘Ball Drop’ so have a look at ‘Ball Drop’ Web Cam

There have only been two years that the ‘Ball Drop’ hasn’t happened and they were 1942 and 1943. This was due to the ‘dim out’ of lights during World War II. It didn’t stop the crowds from gathering though. A minutes silence was help at midnight followed by the chimes from sound trucks in Times Square.