The ‘Fall’ & Halloween

From the middle of August in time of the ‘Fall’ the colour changes to Orange and Black and creeps into all aspects of the retail space. I absolutely get the ‘Fall’ theme but not the Halloween aspect of it all. Over the last few years it has become very prominent on the UK high street and retailers stock all manner of Halloween themed items. To be honest I think that America can keep it’s version of Halloween and trick or treat. The UK never had trick or treat but called it Mischievous Night or All Hallows Eve. More and more stores are stocking animated outdoor decorations to copy the American passion for transforming the front of their houses into all things ‘Fright Night’.

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I have been lucky enough to have been in the states over Halloween and seen it in action. The hotel we were staying at had a pumpkin carving competition by department of the hotel staff that guests were asked to vote on. All garlands were orange and black but very tasteful. On the day of 31 October children are welcome in stores to shout trick or treat and the stores have candies or crayons to give out to each and every one of them. Staff are in fancy dress and it is impressive how much effort is made to make the costume as realistic as possible to the true theme. What is different is that people dress up as characters and not ghouls or ghosts whereas in the UK it predominately about horror and shock.

The extensive and varied decorations that are available to buy in America is breathtaking and the orange theme is right in tune with the ‘Fall’ and leaf peeping season. The ‘Fall’ or Autumn season has a whole travel season of it’s own and visiting New England late September through to October is the last efforts for hoteliers to fill their rooms and coach tours to fill up. Even large cruise ships get in on the act and have New England cruises from Boston or New York to Montreal or Quebec and the prices are crazy expensive.

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Personally I would like to visit Pennsylvania, Kentucky or Up State New York but I am reliably informed that it is New England and it’s variety of trees that create the deep range of colours like no other.

I find myself getting wistful about the ‘Fall’ and it is so far away from the retail ‘hell’ of Halloween and the tackiness of it all. I wish that the UK was more appreciative of the change of season but all it does is bring the Christmas retail season closer for longer!