Coronavirus – Flights, Cruises and more Closures

State of Emergency has been declared by President Trump which allows more tests to be done for free at drive in centres across the country. Vice President Pence says 46 States have reported Coronavirus. The latest I heard about the cruise industry in America is that all lines have agreed to shut down operations for at least 30 days. Both Trump and Pence are spouting … Continue reading Coronavirus – Flights, Cruises and more Closures

Max’s Must Travel Items

You might have noticed that ‘it is the season!’ and madness is all around us. I came up with a novel idea the other day to get away from clandestine phone calls and whispers between us all……set a budget that each of you wants to spend and then if it is equal just keep it and on the big day to get away from disappointment … Continue reading Max’s Must Travel Items

Getting your flights sorted

As you can see by now I have many years visiting the United States of America. These days getting good value flights are a challenge. In the mid 90’s airline offers were plentiful and often return fares of £99 were available to the East Coast. Actually the ticket cost of a flight can be only £35 or less but it has been the introduction of taxes by governments … Continue reading Getting your flights sorted