Music Cities across the States

One of the most popular requests that repeatedly occurs is about Music City Tours. So which cities do people want to combine to make their dream trip come to life? American music has been inspired and influenced by the different immigrant communities as they arrived and dispersed across the plains or travelled up to the north. Looking for the most popular cities to visit to … Continue reading Music Cities across the States

Where are the Best and Worst American Airports to be Delayed At?

As America gears up for the Holidays I read an interesting article on which are the best and worst American Airports to be delayed at this season. It isn’t clear if they have been included because of percentage of delayed flights or on their retail offerings. See what you think. 1. Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson: 85% flights depart on schedule and over 221 retail outlets and … Continue reading Where are the Best and Worst American Airports to be Delayed At?

State Flags, Animals, Plants & Nicknames

If you didn’t know every State has it’s own State Flag. These are often flown side by side or just below the Stars & Stripes, but did you know that each state has it’s own flower, animal and some have official songs and sports. Here are some of the strangest choices that I have come across Maryland – State Sport is Jousting Apparently Jousting festivals … Continue reading State Flags, Animals, Plants & Nicknames

Collections from 44 States

There have been three things that have been a constant wherever we have visited America over the last thirty years. More of an obsession since 1996 to be honest. I wouldn’t consider myself obsessive but it became apparent that we seemed to come home with one, two or three things from each visit. Fridge Magnets – I have some from our first visit to California … Continue reading Collections from 44 States

Public Holidays – USA

In the UK in May we get two Bank Holidays, one on the first Monday for Labour Day and then another on the last Monday of May. There isn’t another until the end of August and that is it until Christmas! I will be in New England for Memorial Day and in Florida for American Labor Day in September but have visited on other holidays. It got … Continue reading Public Holidays – USA

Casinos – A road less travelled!

My Husband likes to visit a casino when we travel to the States. It isn’t something I enjoy and none of it makes sense to me. We have visited Las Vegas on a number of occasions as well as Atlantic City. These are two of the biggest casino resorts in America but when we have been on our road trips there has hardly ever been a … Continue reading Casinos – A road less travelled!

Max’s Favourite Early USA Memories

I got to thinking what my earliest memories were when I visited America for the first time in 1969. The world was preparing to welcome a new decade and the Cold War was still happening. We flew on Pan AM on a Friends & Family Association ticket. I recall the flight bags that we brought back with us. I used it for school for years. … Continue reading Max’s Favourite Early USA Memories

Max’s Must Travel Items

You might have noticed that ‘it is the season!’ and madness is all around us. I came up with a novel idea the other day to get away from clandestine phone calls and whispers between us all……set a budget that each of you wants to spend and then if it is equal just keep it and on the big day to get away from disappointment … Continue reading Max’s Must Travel Items