The Grand Canyon – 5 interesting facts

The Grand Canyon is on the bucket list of most visitors to America and will be often combined with a day excursion from Las Vegas or Phoenix. A coach tour of Western America will include a night in Flagstaff or Williams combined with a visit into the park. 

1.The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long. Starting at Lees Ferry and ends at the Grand Wash Cliffs. The Colorado River that carved the canyon millions of years ago is longer at 1450 mile and flows from the Rocky Mountains to the Gulf of Mexico. At it’s deepest the Grand Canyon is 1.136 miles and at it’s widest it is 18 miles. The distance between London and Newcastle is 249 miles (as the crow flies).

 2.There are only three entrances to The Grand Canyon National Park – Two on the South Rim and one on the North Rim. The most convenient for Flagstaff, Williams and Phoenix is the South Entrance Gate a mile of Tusayan on Highway 54.

 3.There are different temperatures between the North and South Rims. The average temperature at the North Rim is between -0.6c and 13.9c whilst at the South Rim the average temperature is -2.2c and 19.4c

 4.There are approximately 1000 caves in the Grand Canyon and only 335 have been explored and recorded.

 5. It is one of the most visited attractions in America with upwards of 6 million annual visitors. In 2020 this dropped to around 2 million because of the Coronavirus Pandemic