The 5 Best US Cities to Celebrate Christmas – 2021

According to Wallethub a survey of US Cities has revealed the best places to celebrate Christmas for 2021. The 100 biggest cities were surveyed and were based on more than 30 key indicators for a festive and affordable Christmas across five categories, including traditions & fun, observance, generosity, shopping and costs.

Here are the top 5 and not what I was expecting.

5. San Francisco – California

4. Pittsburgh – Pennsylvania

3. Las Vegas – Nevada

2. Orlando – Florida

1. Atlanta – Georgia

New York City came in 9th Place and Seattle in 6th. Orlando would always be a high place due to the theme parks and exceptional shopping opportunities. Las Vegas also would be a higher placed city because of the many entertainment venues, shopping and casinos. The biggest surprise was New York City in 9th place. It probably slid down the top 10 because of fewer visitors in 2020 due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.